Questions and Answers

Can WEED-IT be retrofitted to my current sprayer?

Yes, WEED-IT can be retrofitted to most brands and models of sprayers.

Are there additional fees after the initial purchase?

No! Once you buy it you own it.

Does WEED-IT work well on hills?

Yes! WEED-IT’s height compensation kit automatically adjusts the rate based on the boom height in each section guaranteeing no weeds are missed.

Is WEED-IT transferrable if I buy a new sprayer?

Yes! Depending on the boom, new brackets may need to be purchased but the technology is 100% transferrable.

Is my sprayer restricted to only operating through WEED-IT once installed?

No! Through single or 5-way stackers you can operate your sprayer conventionally on 20” spacing by leaving WEED-IT turned off.

How do you calibrate the WEED-IT system?

 WEED-IT is calibrated just once at the time of installation. Calibration is simple by entering two measurements into the console, the sensor height and the distance from the detection line to the spray line. 

Does WEED-IT compensate for strong winds?

Yes, with WEED-IT's adjustable margins you can quickly and easily adjust the spray timing to compensate for windy conditions. 

Does the additional weight of WEED-IT stress my booms?

WEED-IT only adds 1.5lbs per foot of weight to the sprayer booms.

How quickly can I expect to get my money back?
Fill out our ROI Calculator or give us a call at 406-600-8133 to find out.
What nozzles come with WEED-IT?

Any nozzle can be used with WEED-IT but we do have recommendations based on your desired rates.

Can WEED-IT identify a weed within a crop?

Currently, WEED-IT is a green on brown system but customers have utilized this for other applications such as defoliating, desiccating, and to apply fertilizer to individual plants.

How do you know how much to fill up your sprayer so you don't end up with a half full tank when you're done?

The average application rate our customers see is 0.5 gallons/acre. This can vary based on the weed coverage on your field.

Do you need to reapply more when you're not putting a residual down on the whole field?

This can vary from year to year based on weed growth on your fields. 

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