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Ryan Pfeifle

Power, MT – Wheat and Malt Barley – Owner since 2021
“WEED-IT has allowed us to fill up and spend just $1- $2/acre to get all of the kochia”

Douglas Poole

Mansfield, WA – Canola, Wheat, Sunflowers, Millet, Oats – Owner since 2018

“WEEd-IT is the only piece of equipment I have ever had that has ever made money and continues to make money”

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Mike Standley

Garden City, KS – Corn, Wheat, Sorghum

Mike has owned WEED-IT for over 4 years. He’s found it saves him a minimum of 80% on his chemical costs.

Jesse Brunner

Almira, WA – Wheat & Canola – 4000 Acres
Jesse has used WEED-IT for 4+ years. He has found that he averages an 88% savings on chemical costs. “It’s as valuable tool for herbicide resistance as much as it is for saving money.”
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Mark Sheffels

Lincoln County, WA – Wheat & Winter Peas

Devin Moon - Moon Farms Inc

Prosser, WA – Wheat
Devin has owned WEED-IT for over 4 years. He’s found it saves him a minimum of 80% of chemical costs. “It’s a no brainer for fallow farmers”
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Greg & Matt Woods - 7W Farms

Iverness, MT – Wheat, Oil Seeds – 12,000 Acres
Greg and Matt have had WEED-IT for 2 yrs. They have found WEED-IT saves them a minimum of 80% on their chemical costs.

Jeff Lehar

Salinas Valley, CA – Wine Grapes – 4,200 Acres
Jeff has owned WEED-IT for 2 years. He has a different operation structure with the vineyards, but has still saved a minimum of 50% on his chemical costs. He uses WEED-IT to spray weeds within his cover crop and at the base of his vines.
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